10 Best VPN to Unban Games, Social Media | Lowest Ping Rate

As you know Indian government has banned PUBG, a game which is very popular among the youngsters of India. This is very interesting that PUBG Mobile lovers are looking for the best VPN to unblock PUBG Mobile in India with good low ping 100% safe PUBG Mobile ID, and there are many VPNs available on the play stores. Everyone needs a secure with low ping VPN to avoid any issue like performance issues, ID ban, or high ping.

Here are 10 of the best VPN to unblock your PUBG Mobile ID

1. Singapore VPN

This is the fastest low ping server which is available for free and dedicated as well.

2. Express VPN

This is developed by Express VPN for dedicated and free use for android users.


This is a very good low ping VPN developed by Speed VPN Hotspot which is super fast and unlimited.

4. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is developed by Innovative Connecting. This is also available for free use and dedicated as well.

5. 3X VPN

This is also the best VPN with low ping specially developed for PUBG Mobile by Fruit Security Studio.

6. Free VPN Tomato

This is a free VPN with low ping developed for games like PUBG by IronMeta Studio.

7. VPN

This is the best VPN and doesn't confuse with the name its VPN and the icon appears with 14. The link is here as it is not available on the play store [ https://www.happymod.com/ ]

8. Super VPN

This VPN is developed by SuperSoft Tech for low ping and is easy to use. This is also a top-rated VPN for gaming.

9. VPN Proxy Master

This is the pro version and it's super-fast dedicated and free as well with low ping for gaming lovers developed by Lemon Clove Pte Limited.

10. X VPN

This is the last on our list developed by Free connected Limited. It has a good rating on play store

How to Make Ping Constant- Tip & Trick

A good ping should be below 150ms. Here are some tips to make better use of VPN and low ping.
Step 1, you have to run your VPN and select a good ping. Step 2, go to setting and select Other Wireless Connections then select Private DNS. You will find here Off DNS and you have to move it on  Designated Private DNS. Step3, When you click on Designated DNS a popup will open, you have to fill the popup will this address [ dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com ] and save and this will connect this ping and your ping remain below 90ms.

This will make your IP longer connected with this ping.


As you know VPNs are proxy servers used to give access to restricted apps or websites which are blocked by either the regional authority or the developer is not ready to give access to some territories. Therefore we need a VPN to make access websites or apps to use.

PUBG Mobile KR

PUBG Mobile KR is available for Indian PUBG lovers. PUBG Mobile is developed by the Chinese with is currently banned by the Indian government but PUBG Mobile KR is not a Chinese version so it's still available for play. Unfortunately, this KR version is not available on Google Play Store and you have to download it from the below link.
[ https://www.pubgmobile.com ]

How VPNs work

VPN identifies your location and locates you somewhere else like currently PUBG Mobile is currently banned in India but it's available in Qatar, the VPN provides to virtually locate you in Qatar and you will be able to play PUBG Mobile while you are in India. 

Free VPN issues

Free VPNs have ping issues or connectivity issues therefore you need to choose the right VPN for secure and good performance. You need to locate with the right ping so that while playing the game, your game won't get stuck or disconnected. As you know free VPNs are not as low ping as dedicated VPNs.

Dedicated VPNs

Dedicated VPNs are fully secured and have the lowest ping, therefore, it provides good speed. Dedicated VPN services start from as low as 2$ and go up to 200$ depending on your opted plan. 

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