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Here we share the latest skin redeem codes for PUBG Mobile and some tips and tricks. Here we share how you will get free PUBG mobile skins by using redeem codes. We all know that PUBG shares every month some new code for UC and PUBG Mobile.

By using these codes, you will find some new skins for your character, for your gun, and for other equipment. Here we share how everyone can get these skins by using these redeem codes.

In this post, the latest redeem codes for October 2021 will be discussed with the complete method of redeeming.

Free Redeem Codes for PUBG Mobile:

Redeem codes are used to get different rewards without spending money from PUBG Redemption Center.

This list is updated as soon as new codes are available and stay on the website till the time when they become obsolete.

BAPPZBZXF8                                                                                                   UMP-88 Gun Skin

BBKRZBZBF10                                                                         8 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity

BBKVZBZ8FW                                                                                             8 Red Tea Popularity

BBVNZBZ8M10                                                        Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity

BBKTZEZET8                                                           PUBG Operation Leo Set Legendary Outfit

EKJONARKJO                                                                                   Unlimited M820 Gun Skins

MIDASBUY                                                                            Free Rename Card and Room Card

UCBYSD800                                                                                                                      800 UC 

DKJU8LMBPY                                                                                            Free Silver Fragments

DKJU10GTDSM                                                                                         2000 Silver Fragments

WGHKDGQQ                                                                                                                            Gun Skin

YH56JK2ASD                                                                                                         Football and Chicken

L987LKJQXB                                                                                                                            1,200 UC

FDGIOSHKG                                                                                                                             Ice Death

7IDIROFJHH                                                                                                                   Surprise Reward

QBMTA73W                                                                                                                    Surprise Reward

PHZDBTFZM24U                                                                                                      Surprise Reward

Redeem Codes for Godzilla Vs Kong
PUBG recently released new skins codes for Godzilla Vs Kong after the impressive popularity of these movie characters. Here we have five skin codes that you can redeem on the PUBG Redemption center.


We hope you guys will enjoy these free codes and stay in touch with us by visiting again. New codes are normally updated at the start of each month but sometimes updates may be delayed due to the non-availability of redeem codes.

How to Redeem Code:

Follow steps are required to redeem these codes:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile Game on your Mobile device or Computer
  2. Copy your Character ID
  3. Click on this link or go to the official website of PUBG Mobile
  4. Scroll down and fill in the required information
  5. Fill the Character ID and put the Redeem Code and fill verification code

  6. Then click on Redeem button and press OK

  7. For verification open your game and go to inventory for new skins
  8. Do this whole process to get more skins

These codes are released at the start of October 2021 and can be used till the end of this year. If you face any problem please share your issue in the comment section so that you will find the solution to your problem.

We hope you will enjoy these codes and stay in touch with us for more latest updates. We have many articles on PUBG Mobile news.

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