Here we discuss which fitness machines and gadgets everyone should have at home to keep themselves fit and healthy just like celebrities.

These are the best machines for exercise according to certified trainers.

1. Rowing Machine


The rowing machine uses 85% of the body's muscles. It's a complete exercise offering machine, you push with your legs, you swing your hips, pulling with the arms, pushing with the arms, closing the hips, all of these things that the body has to do on the machine to keep you fit.

2. Step-mill Machine


Stepmill is similar to a treadmill machine allowing the user to climb upward just like normal stairs at your home. you can set speed just like a treadmill machine. It ton lower body muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, etc. This machine makes your lungs stronger and healthier your heart. It is beneficial for losing weight through calorie burning.

3. Air Bike Machine


Air Bike cycling is just like normal cycling for legs but instead of fixed handles it has moving handles. It has a fan wheel move with paddles.  

4. Exercise Bike Machine

This is used for cardio exercise. This will help in strengthening your heart increase your endurance, reduce weight and burn your calories. This machine just works like your bicycle by move its peddles. Daily 20 to 30 minutes cycling will keep you healthy and fit.

5. Treadmill Machine (Motor)


These days Treadmills are very common to use at home for walking, running, jogging, hiking, etc. You can easily operate and control through the touch panel or buttons.  A safety key is used to stop the machine in case of an emergency. Daily 20 to 30 minutes running keep you fit and healthy and excess belly fat will be burn. Belly fat is very dangerous as it can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, etc.

6. Treadmill Machine (Without Motor)


These treadmills are the same as electric motor treadmills but did not have any motor. When you walk or run on the belt of the treadmill friction force moves the belt as well. You can achieve better results through these treadmills as compared to normal treadmills.

7. Dumbbells


Dumbbells are used for upper body workouts. You can use it for chest exercise by dumbbell press, dumbbell fly, and dumbbell close grip press. You can use it for back exercise by bent-over row, bent-over row with a neutral grip, and dumbbell shrugs. You can use it for shoulders exercise by Arnold press, side lateral raises and front raises. You can use it for arm exercise by dumbbell curl, triceps kickback and hammer curl, etc.

8. Ski-Erg Machine


This is a full-body low impact workout machine. While using it you have to drive the handles downward by hinging at the hips and bending your knees with arms are extended towards your hips. This is a very simple machine used for muscle building.

9. Squat Rack


Squat racks are mostly used by weightlifters. This rack assists you in weightlifting with different bar levels. There is a safety bar which you should use while using it.

10. Multi Station Home Gym

Multi-Station is an all-in-one exercise machine used to perform multiple exercises. There are two kinds of this machine, single-user multi-station, and multi-user station.  Single user multi-station is for a single person workout at a time. These machines are called multi-station due to their different use for example pec deck, rear deltoid, shoulder press, chest press, ab crunch, back extension, etc. While multi-station multi-user allows different users at the same time to workout with different stacks.

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