How to Get M416 Glacier Gun in PUBG Mobile |Redeem Codes | Lastest Tricks | 2022

The difficulty level in getting Glacier

M416 is one of the top guns in the PUBG Mobile due to its low recoil, faster reloading, and ease of use, therefore everyone wants to have Glacier in his account. Most of the players need it just to show off whether they can upgrade or not. PUBG players choose M416 for medium and short-range fights.

Every PUBG Lover is keen to have an M416 Glacier skin gun and for this, he is ready to pay. There is still a way you can get this free of cost. But this method is not 100% surety to redeem this skin but if you follow the below-given method there are not 100% chances but 90% chances you can get this M416 Glacier gun.M416 Glacier is ahead of any other level 7 guns.

If you have a lot of money then you just go ahead and buy it, but if you need it through some tricks read the full article.

To get this M416 Glacier we have to use some tricks. Before going towards the method, look at some facts:

Go to Classic Crate, go on Glacier and you will find the shocking information that Mythic Items have just 0.5% chances, Legendary Items have 2.75% chances, Epic Items have 21.75% chances and Rare Items have 75% chances.

As you all know that previously M416 Glacier was in Epic Items having a 21.75% chance to avail this in your account. But now it has moved to Legendary Items having only 2.75% chances.

This is simply amazing that when we have 21.75% chances of having this and we were unable to avail this, now it has moved to only 2.75% chances.

Ticks and tips to avail this Glacier gun

Step 1. You have to remove all gun skins from the inventory
Step 2. Now only one coupon remains in inventory in the classic crate which is Glacier
Step3. Now you can avail this with just one press but here time matters and you should wait for a server reset, only open 1 to 2 crates but not all crates. If you did not find it then repeat the next day until you will find Glacier gun.

All these steps you have to perform just right after the server reset ( Server means PUBG Mobile Server), for example, if you are from India, server reset time is near 5 am to 7 am morning.

At the time of server reset you have more than a 90% chance to avail the gun due to the free server at this time.

You can get this M416 glacier through redeeming codes and these redeem codes are shared on social media by PUBG Mobile and they are the latest and updated. You can get this skin for a lifetime, so everybody can redeem skin just in a minute.

Why peoples love M416 Glacier Skin:

This super fantastic M416 Glacier Skin is very rear. When you play with this gun you feel like a pro player and for this reason, people spend heavy amounts. If you want this gun for free, redeem codes are the way. PUBG requires a lot of UC for crate opening or to buy any outfit and surfaces, so it becomes very expensive to afford this skin.

This gun has a fast shooting rate and you can use this while on a running vehicle. Its reload time, shooting range, and easy-to-control features are quite impressive.


Best in Town:

M416 Glacier can kill the enemy from a distance of up to 1000 meters with smooth and fast speed.

So don't wait and get your favorite gun earliest.

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Getting M416 Glacier Skin with Redeem Codes:

PGHZDBTFZ95U                                   M416 Skin only for first 5000 players

RAAZBZJGS                                           M416 Orange Skin

BMTGZBZBKQ                                      M416 Skin

EKJONAR                                               M416 Gun Skin

PUBG Mobile ID is used to redeem these codes for this beautiful gun skin. If you have a working redeem code, then go to PUBG Mobile official site or Click here
  • Open the site, go to the login area and fill in the required information.
  • Fill in the Character ID.
  • Then paste your redeem code. Redeem codes are the combination of numbers and digits.
  • Put the verification code usually 4 digits.

  • Click on the redeem button and then press OK., and after a few seconds, a success or error message appears.

  • If it again gives an error, wait for a few hours and then try again, because it is often observed that there are some issues in redeeming codes.
  • After receiving a successfully redeemed message, go to your game, check the inventory box, and go to the skin.

  • If there is no skin, wait for a while, sometimes it takes some minutes.

The updated list of redeem codes:









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I hope you guys enjoy this article. If you face any problem in redeeming codes, please mention the problem in the comments section. We will keep updating the article as soon as new codes are available.


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