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Know the 5 Awesome Facts About Gaming | 2023

Video games are no longer leisure activities. They have become an important part of our everyday lives. Video games have come a long way since the fifties. They have evolved to become one of the biggest industries in the world. Did you know that the global gaming industry is bigger than the global entertainment and sports industry combined?

The massive popularity and financial benefits of video games have prompted many people to take up gaming as a full-time career. The advent of streaming platforms such as Twitch and Afreeca has redefined the gaming experience for millions. That said, here are some awesome facts about gaming for every gamer should know:

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1. Cloud Gaming Is the Future of Gaming

The advent of cloud gaming has redefined video gaming trends across the world. Cloud gaming involves the use of remote servers to play video games. That means players do not need to download and install games on their gaming consoles. All you require is the finest internet connection like what Spectrum cable company offers to play games offered by streaming facilities.

The widespread popularity of cloud gaming has prompted gaming studios to develop cloud gaming solutions. EA, which is the maker of games like FIFA, has been testing cloud gaming solutions for some time. Cloud gaming offers multiple benefits such as remote access and cost-efficiency. Players no longer have to pay for costly games. Instead, they simply pay to stop the service and play their favorite games anywhere and everywhere

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2. The Gaming Industry Is Worth Billions of Dollars

There’s no denying that the gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the industry to new heights. As of this writing, the global gaming industry is worth over $200 billion. A new Accenture report shows that it is about 300 billion dollars. Although the numbers vary from one report to another, one thing is certain: the gaming industry is growing by the day. The gaming industry is also larger than the global entertainment industry.

The gaming industry is also bigger than the global entertainment industry. Yes, you read that right. Even the combined might of Hollywood, Bollywood, and the Chinese entertainment industry struggle to compete against the global gaming industry. According to a study, the global gaming industry has a year-on-year growth rate of more than nine percent.

3. Billions of People Play Video Games

If you thought the value of the gaming industry puzzled your mind, so prepare to get surprised again. The global gaming industry has more than three billion members. As of this writing, there are an estimated 3.24 billion gamers across the globe. Asia happens to have the greatest number of gamers at 1.48 billion. Europe comes in second place with 715 million gaming audiences.

It is very safe to say that we’re living in the era of gaming. The number of gamers across the globe is only expected to rise in the coming years. An Accenture study revealed that a large number of women entered the gaming industry as players. The world has never seen this number of video game players as it is seeing now.

4. Mobile Games Have Disrupted the Gaming Industry

The advent of mobile games is no less than a breakthrough. Mobile games have changed the game (pun intended) for the gaming industry. Lockdowns introduced in the wake of the virus also contributed to the popularity of mobile games. The insane popularity of mobile games has prompted gaming studios to focus on mobile gaming.

The global mobile gaming industry was ready to reach $ 100 billion by 2020. It is expected to net $272 billion by 2030. According to Statista, the mobile game is set to be the major source of revenue for the global gaming industry during the ongoing year. The increasing reliance on smartphones means mobile games will only grow in popularity.

5. Esports Is Becoming Popular

The revenue of esports dwarf is continuing to grow. Esports also continue to get more popular with time. As of this writing, there are close to 500 million esports players in the world. That means a great part of the global gaming population plays esports such as FIFA, NBA, and others. On top of that, esports gaming studios regularly organize esports tournaments

When it comes to revenue, esports is pulling in insane numbers. It already netted more than $2150 million from media rights, sponsorships, and advertising in 2022. The number is expected to hit the $5 billion mark in 2023. The global Esports industry is also expected to net approximately $10 billion during the next two years.

PC Gamers vs Cloud Gamers

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Gaming is no longer a leisure activity. It is a full-time career. People across the globe turn their passion for gaming into full-time careers. If you have a passion for gaming, what are you waiting for?

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