Halo Infinite Cheat Codes

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Are you looking for Halo Infinite Cheat Codes, Halo Infinite Cheats, Halo Infinite Aimbot, Halo Infinite Hack, Halo Infinite Cheat Engine, Halo Infinite Trainer Cheats, Modes, etc.? Here we have all the working cheats that make the game more smooth and more amazing.

Cheats are widely used hacks for any game where you get lots of in-game rewards without doing anything like health, shield, ammo, reload, etc. Today in this article we will share all the active cheat codes for Halo Infinite. Cheat codes are the best way to overcome challenges in the game and move fast toward the desired direction, that is why we decided to share everything about Halo Infinite cheat codes, aimbot, trainer, hacks, mode, etc.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is a first-person action-adventure video game released in 2021. The game is developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios as a single-player and multi-player shooting game. You can play this game on different platforms like Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. You can experience the best first-person gun-shooting with sci-fi-themed weapons and maps.

The map is wide enough and you can use Halo-themed vehicles available in the game for going to your desired destination and saving your time. Use the grappling shot to grab items from a distance or drag enemies towards you to kill them.

Halo Infinite Features

The game features the multi-player element as a free-to-play and this is surprisingly amazing. The map is semi-open which means you can explore only the allowed areas of the map. The deathmatch mode is more complicated where you have to capture the flag, there are multiple multiplayer modes available. You can Invite your friends in multiplayer mode to kill enemies together. Trainer mode is available for training where you can start experimenting with weapons and other game systems.

Halo Infinite Cheat Codes

Halo Infinite cheat codes are used to get different benefits like a single head shoot when you are low on health. We have compiled some tables here along with code effects, you can use them according to your desires. Before using cheats, let us be clear that if you get identified by the system while using cheats frequently, your account may be banned. We suggest you should use the cheats only in the single-player game. So use these cheats only when you are in a critical situation. To start using Halo Infinite cheat codes you have to manually activate the trainer by pressing “F1” on the keyboard.

Halo Infinite Trainer Cheats

CheatsHow to Help You
1 NumThis will generate Super Health
2 NumThis will generate Super Shield
3 NumThis will generate Infinite Ammo
4 NumNo Reload
Halo Infinite Cheat Codes

Halo Infinite Cheat Engine

CheatsHow to Help You
F1This will Activate Trainer
F2This will generate Mega Health
F3This will generate Mega Shield
F4This will generate Mega Ammo
F5This will generate Mega Clip Ammo
Halo Infinite Cheat Codes

Halo Infinite Gameplay

(Video Credit: IGN)

How to Use Halo Infinite Cheat Codes?

As for now, there are no official cheats available in the game, and you have to use third-party trainers and mods instead to activate these cheats. Halo Infinite is a multiplayer and single-player action game, so only use these trainers for the single-player DLC campaign and deactivate them before going towards the multiplayer mode otherwise you may get banned by the system.

  • Download the desired Halo Infinite trainer from the internet, there are many sites offering trainers, just type Halo Infinite trainer in google;
  • Install the trainer as per the instructions;
  • Run the trainer and turn on all Halo Infinite cheats;
  • Open Halo Infinite game as single-player;
  • Tap on “Keys” and “Numbers” from the trainer to activate cheats; and
  • Press the same “Numbers” and “keys” to deactivate these cheats.

Halo Infinite Cheats Facts

Currently only these cheat codes are available for Halo Infinite game and we have shared them in the above table. You may get banned from the game if you are not following the developer’s guidelines. There are no cheat codes available that can give you all the free Halo Infinite in-game items altogether. But there are some cheat codes that can help you to unlock many items.


Here we share the complete list of the Halo Infinite Cheats that can help you to make your game more simple and easier. And we also cover the complete process of how you can enter the cheat codes in this game. If you face any problems please share your issue through the comments section and we will try to solve the issue.

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 To get the above list in a PDF file you just click on the download button in green and orange color below, this will redirect you to the Download page and the file you will download contains this list as well as an extra list of fresh data. 

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