Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes

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Are you searching for Lego Batman 2 cheat codes, codes for Lego Batman 2, Lego Batman 2 codes, Batman Lego 2 cheats, or cheats for Lego Batman 2? Congratulations, you have reached your destination site. We have all the working cheat codes that are self-tested.

Lego Batman 2

Lego Batman 2 is a popular superhero action-adventure video game that is a perfect mixture of Legos and Batman to provide you with the best of both worlds. If you like the batman movie characters, surely you guys like this game too. The game is developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. and Interactive Entertainment in 2012 for Windows, PlayStation, Xbox 360, Nintendo, iOS, and Android users.

The game featured Gotham city and a few nearby locations that you will explore for adventures. Here you will unlock new characters with special abilities, and experience traditional combat with enemies. The guns are used only by the bosses and that’s why you will witness batman style fights that will be very challenging to handle enemies.

Here come Lego Batman 2 cheats, while fighting with enemies, which are very handy in such situations. The main storyline is quite big while a few side missions are also available to keep you engaged.

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Cheat Codes For Batman Lego 2

Cheat codes are the best and easiest way to get free game items without doing anything. If you are ready to save Gotham city, here are some active Lego Batman 2 cheats to give you an edge over the enemies. With the help of these cheat codes, you can find the desired items or double up the production of the currency.

Lego Batman 2 Heros

Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes

Lego Batman 2 Cheat CodesHow to Help You
9ZZZBPThis will Unlock Clown Goon
ZQA8MKThis will Unlock Mime Goon
Q285LKThis will enable Riddler Goon
C79LVHThis will produce Harley Quinn’s Motorbike
W49CSJThis will Unlock the Lex bot
V9SAGTThis will bring Policeman
95KPYJTwo-Face Goon
MNZER6This will enable to Attract Studs
TPJ37TCharacter Studs
4LGJ7TThis will generate Extra Hearts
TPGPG2This will apply Fall Rescue
LRJAG8This will enable Minikit Finder
5KKQ6GThis will enable Red Brick Finder
74EZUTThis will produce Studs x 2
JXN7FJThis will produce Vine Grapples
ZHAXFHThis will generate Beep Beep
BWQ2MSThis will Disguises
7TXH5KThis will produce an Extra Toggle
MBXW7VThis will enable Gold Brick Finder
RYD3SJThis will enable Peril Finder
ZXEX5DThis will Regenerate Hearts
JN2J6VThis will enable Super Build
Lego Batman Cheats

How To Use Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes?

Here is the ultimate guideline for the perfect use of cheat codes. Using all the above-given Lego Batman 2 cheats can be difficult but not for you as you have come to the right place. Perform the given steps as it is, and you will be done in a few seconds otherwise things may become difficult.

  • Open Lego Batman 2 game in your windows or console box;
  • Start playing and pause the game whenever you want to enter the codes;
  • Go to the “Extras” menu;
  • Tap on the “Enter code” option;
  • Copy Lego Batman 2 cheat codes from this website and past them one by one in the code box; and
  • Press the enter to enable the effects.

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Lego Batman 2 Cheats

As you know that Lego batman 2 cheat codes are not much in numbers but they have the full potential to provide you with all the necessary items. To get more studs in this game you can use “74EZUT” following the above-mentioned guidelines and that will double your current stud instantly. This cheat will provide you with a maximum of double studs.

You can use these codes any time even in the middle of the game. To activate the cheat codes in this game just open the “Extras menu” enter code option will appear, copy and paste your required key and press the enter key, and that’s all.


Here we share all the active and self-tested Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes that can help you to unlock many things in this game. Just follow the guidelines and make sure you perform the right steps to enter the codes. If you face any problem or error, please share the issue through the comments section, and we will provide you with the proper solution.

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