Overwatch 2 Patch Notes

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Here is everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2 patch notes, The Overwatch 2 patch notes are full of surprises and improvements. You can get here updates about Overwatch 2 Season 3. Overwatch updates contain credits, improvements, new tools in the workshop, and much more. Learn what’s new with this comprehensive guide and get to know the enhanced game environment.

Overwatch 2 Patch Notes | February 7

Overwatch 2 Season 3

Dive into the latest season of your favorite game and discover the coolest new map in town, the Antarctic. Get ready to face off against your competitors in exciting, limited-time events like Ultimate Valentine. Transform your heroes with an array of new skins and cosmetics, now available through the Battle Pass and weekly Shop drops. Acquire Credits in the Battle Pass and redeem them for over 250 stylish cosmetics from the original Overwatch. Upgrade to premium for even more rewards, including the coveted Mythic Amaterasu Kiriko skin.

New Map: Antarctic Peninsula

Embark on a thrilling journey across the frozen Antarctic landscape. Explore the abandoned Overwatch Ecopoint Station, where a team once tried to uncover the source of a world-threatening anomaly. Delve into the wreckage of the ill-fated icebreaker ship that couldn’t save Mei-Ling Zhou and her companions.

New Feature: Streamer Protect

Streamers rejoice! You can now activate the Streamer Protect options in the in-game settings for added privacy when live streaming your matches. Protect your identity with these customizable options.

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General Updates

Accessibility Improvements

Improved Subtitles Options: Customize your in-game experience with the newly added scalability options for text, character portrait icons, speaker name, and text color. Change the background color and preview subtitles to suit your preferences. PC players can also adjust the mouse cursor size in the options menu for added comfort. Add a personal touch to your game with the new option to select custom colors for Group and Alerts in the UI. Preview your color choices before you save them with the convenient preview feature in the accessibility options.


Unlock exclusive player icons with the new Silhouette challenges for all heroes. Track your progress in each role with the Weekly Role Mastery challenge. Complete challenges to unlock the coveted Ramattra rewards, and carry over your partial progress from season three to the Wins for Ramattra challenge.


The new endorsement feature encourages sportsmanship and allows players to acknowledge their opponents’ skills. This feature is available to all players in the Free-For-All game modes.

Game Report

Relive the excitement of past matches with the new feature that allows you to view scoreboards from previous games. Access them through the View Game, Reports menu in the History tab of your Career Profile.

Mystery Heroes Changes

Experience new challenges with the updated Mystery Heroes game mode that now limits each team to a maximum of three heroes of each role. For example, if your team has Reinhardt, Mercy, Ana, and Lucio as Support heroes, you will not respawn as a Support hero if you die, but instead as either a Damage or Tank hero.

Customize your Mystery Heroes experience with the new maximum role limit setting, now available in Custom Games. Go to Settings > Modes > All > Random Hero Role Limit Per Team to change the limit. Keep in mind, this setting only works when the Respawn as Random Hero option is enabled.

Overwatch Credits are back

Reclaim the glory of the past with the updated Overwatch Credits system, previously known as Legacy Credits. Progress through the Season 3 Battle Pass to earn these Credits, which were previously not available in Overwatch 2.

Get the most out of the Season 3 Battle Pass with the newly added rewards system. All players have the opportunity to earn up to 1500 credits as free rewards, and those who choose to go premium can earn an extra 500 credits.

Unlock new skins and cosmetics for your heroes with the Credits you earn. The Hero Gallery has been updated to include nearly all Epic and Legendary skins from prior to the launch of Overwatch 2, including skins that were previously only available for purchase with Coins in the Shop’s “Just for You” section.

Ping System Update

Easily keep track of your ability cooldowns during games with the new chat display feature. Simply press Ability 1 or Ability 2 when the ping wheel is open to see the cooldown information in the chat.

Competitive Play

Experience the thrill of competition with the start of Season 3 Competitive Play! Enhance your gameplay with updates aimed at improving the overall experience. Track your progress and see your Skill Tiers and Divisions adjust after every 5 wins, 15 losses, or ties (previously 7 wins or 20 losses and ties). Stay informed of your progress by clicking the “View Competitive Progress” button in the Competitive menu.

Workshop Updates

Workshop Moderation Tools

Help keep Overwatch a fun and the fair environment by reporting players who engage in inappropriate behavior. The updated reporting system offers various categories, including Inappropriate Communication, Inappropriate Name, Cheating, Gameplay Sabotage, and Inappropriate Custom Content, for a more straightforward and effective reporting process.

Hero Updates

In the latest update, the maximum ultimate charge retained when swapping heroes has been reduced from 30% to 25% for all heroes. Additionally, the health totals for all tank heroes will be lower in game modes without Role Queue but will remain unchanged in Role Queue-enabled games.



The base health of Mechs in Role Queue modes stays at 350, whereas in non-Role Queue modes, it has been decreased from 350 to 200.


In Role Queue game modes, the base health of the Mech remains unchanged at 450. Meanwhile, in non-Role Queue modes, the base health has been reduced from 450 to 300.


In Role Queue modes, the base health of characters has been raised to 450 points. In contrast, players in non-Role Queue matches will now have a base health of 300 points. The health of the character Junkerqueen has also been increased by 25 HP across all queue modes.


In Role Queue, base health stays at 275. Non-Role Queue modes see a decrease in base health to 125 and the damage falloff range drops from 25 to 15 meters.


Role Queue base health stays at 450, and non-Role Queue reduces to 300. Ultimate now slows down, not pauses, duration timer (up to 20 sec) with a 12% increase in cost.

The concept of a lasting ultimate is exciting, but if it’s too easy, it creates frustration and visual noise. The maximum duration is limited to 20 sec for impactful team fights and a reasonable end time.


Role Queue base health stays at 325, non-Role Queue reduces to 175. Fire Strike damage goes up from 90 to 100, and Earthshatter direct hit damage down from 250 to 170. Knockdown duration increases from 2.5 to 2.75 sec and Ultimate cost is up 7%. Rocket Hammer knockback impulse drops from 10 to 6.

Developer Comment: This change to Earthshatter is being made to reduce the direct hit damage of the ability in order to prevent tank heroes from killing enemies in one shot. This will allow for more opportunities for allies to intervene and potentially save the targeted enemy.

The developers are currently comfortable with Charge being able to kill some characters due to the difficulty and risk involved in using it. The increase in Fire Strike damage could result in it being able to one-shot enemies when combined with Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix, but this requires coordination with another hero. The developers will monitor the impact of this change and make adjustments if necessary.

The reduction in Rocket Hammer knockback is intended to reduce the number of instances where Reinhardt accidentally knocks enemies out of his melee range, rather than being a loss of power.


The base health in Role Queue modes will remain unchanged at 700, while base health in non-Role Queue modes will be reduced from 700 to 550. The maximum duration of Whole Hog has been increased from 6 to 8 seconds and its ultimate cost has been increased by 8%.

Developer Comment: Roadhog’s Whole Hog ultimate can now be used in conjunction with other abilities, making it more reliable in solo tank scenarios. To allow more player choice, the maximum duration of Whole Hog has been extended by a few seconds. The developers are keeping a close eye on this change to make sure it doesn’t result in excessive damage or knockback.


Base health in Role Queue modes remains the same at 350, while non-Role Queue modes reduced from 350 to 200, and Gravitic Flux’s Ultimate cost increased by 7%.


For Role Queue modes, the base health of players remains at 350. However, in non-Role Queue modes, the base health has been reduced from 350 to 200. Additionally, the Barrier Projector’s health has been reduced from 700 to 650. Wrecking Ball: Base health reduced in Role Queue modes from 600 to 450, in non-Role Queue modes from 600 to 300, Shield health increased from 0 to 150. Pile Driver cooldown reduced from 10 to 8 sec. Minefield: Ultimate cost increased 9% and arming time reduced from 1.5 to 1 sec.

Developer Comments: Wrecking Ball remains effective in 5v5 as he received few changes. He has high mobility and a large health pool, allowing for better battle tactics. Changes aim to reduce downtime and increase his strengths. The regenerating shield reduces the need for health packs.


Wrecking Ball’s base health in Role Queue stays at 250, while in non-Role Queue it decreased from 250 to 100. Graviton Surge’s Ultimate cost increased by 8%.



Overwatch hero abilities changed: Combat Roll can move through enemy players and Peacekeeper’s primary fire range increased to 25m from 20m.

Developer Comment: Change to Combat Roll in Overwatch to improve usability by allowing it to move through enemy players, making it feel smoother especially when rolling in a different direction.


Concussion Mine’s Maximum damage is reduced from 120 to 100.

Developer Comment: Junkrat’s Concussion Mine in Overwatch decreased maximum damage, making accuracy more important for combo attacks as damage decreases with distance from the explosion.


Blizzard’s Ultimate cost is reduced by 5%.


Barrage’s Ultimate cost is reduced by 5%.


Death Blossom’s Ultimate cost is reduced by 8%.


Heavy Pulse Rifle’s Number of shots to reach maximum recoil increased from 4 to 6 and Recoil is reduced by 12%.

Developer Comment: Change to Heavy Pulse Rifle in Overwatch to improve weapon feel by increasing the number of shots to reach maximum recoil and reducing recoil. This helps with burst firing accuracy and handling, similar to the original version.


Machine Pistol and Hack in Overwatch altered:

  • Machine Pistol damage per projectile increased to 7.5 from 7
  • Hack’s health pack hacked duration increased to 45 seconds from 30.

Overwatch Updates

It’s time to get hyped: Overwatch 2 has officially released its patch notes, and the game has received some great new additions. This comprehensive guide will explore the latest changes and give players a rundown of all the updates they can expect to see in-game.

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Previous Updates

Previously, Overwatch 2 patch notes include the addition of several new heroes and maps. In particular, Echo has joined the game as a damaged character that can help shake up team compositions. Additionally, Overwatch 2 has released some brand-new PvP maps alongside its existing locations, such as Rio de Janeiro. These new arenas provide fresh and exciting opportunities for teams to clash in intense battles on the multiplayer stage.

The most recent Overwatch 2 patch notes also make some much-needed updates to the game’s existing play modes and features. For example, the new “Team Deathmatch” mode gives players an alternative way to play with a smaller team size, while “Push” has also been enhanced with map layouts tweaked specifically for strategic dominance. Additionally, heroes now have unique abilities and move sets that allow you to micro-manage your team’s gameplay even further. Get familiar with these features and prepare to tackle new challenges in your next Overwatch 2 battle!

Learn About Balance Changes, Hero Reworks, and Quality-of-Life Improvements.
Overwatch 2 introduces a few major changes to the game’s balance and mechanics that require players to readjust their strategies for success. In addition, hero reworks allow for more diverse role composition, helping diversify team compositions and pushes. Quality-of-life improvements add an extra layer of depth to gameplay by making certain elements like matchmaking even smoother. With the new Overwatch 2 patch notes, discover all the new additions that you should be aware of before your next battle!

Find Out About Miscellaneous Updates to the Game’s Core Ruleset.
In addition to hero reworks and cosmetic changes, the Overwatch 2 patch notes include updates to the game’s core ruleset. Every new update serves to improve gameplay and optimize every aspect of combat. The general governance also gets a tune-up, which means that players can expect even more intense action from each Overwatch 2 match moving forward. With new tweaks to the spawn system, map design, and overall pacing of battles, players will have their hands full with all these extra options and features.

With the new patch notes come plenty of changes to PvE and PvP character customization. Players can use various strategies to create a unique fighting style, unlock special abilities, and customize their characters with upgraded equipment. Plus, there is an extensive rewards program that allows players to earn in-game currency by participating in events and completing specific tasks. From free cosmetics to experience boosts, these rewards will make the game even more intriguing and rewarding than before.

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