PUBG Patch Notes Update 21.2 Revealed New Features

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PUBG Patch Notes Update 21.2 Revealed New Features, Fixing Bugs and Improving the Experience. PUBG Corp has just announced the release of update 21.2 for their popular game, PUBG. This update brings a variety of new content to both PC and console players, including a brand new in-game location called the Blizzard Zone, as well as other exciting features. Players can expect to see the update roll out on all platforms later this month, but for now here are the update notes for a full list of changes that the update will bring.

PUBG Patch Notes Update 21.2 Revealed New World Vikendi

Blizzard Zone

Are you ready for a new challenge? Introducing the Blizzard Zone, a brand new in-game location in PUBG that will put your survival skills to the test. As soon as the storm clouds roll in, players will be thrown into the midst of a raging storm, complete with heavy winds and torrential rain. The Blizzard Zone promises to be an intense and immersive experience, one that will test players’ ability to adapt and survive in the toughest of conditions. So gear up, and get ready to face the pure adrenaline of the Blizzard Zone.

The popular battle royale game PUBG has recently released an exciting new update, which includes the addition of the Blizzard Zone, a challenging and intense in-game location available exclusively on the Vikendi map.

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As soon as players enter the Blizzard Zone, they will be part of a group where they will experience several changes in gameplay. One of the first things players will notice is that they will move slower, making it harder to outrun enemies or escape dangerous situations. Additionally, players will take sustained damage per second while in the Blizzard Zone, which will affect their health and make it harder to survive.

The Blizzard Zone also affects players’ sight and sound play, making it harder for players to detect and locate enemies. Players will also be unable to control vehicles in the Blizzard Zone, which adds another layer of difficulty to the gameplay.

While in the Blizzard Zone, players will receive a warning message and activated area UI on their map, which will help them to be aware of the zone location. Kill messages have also been added to the Blizzard Zone, allowing players to keep track of the number of enemies they have taken down.


The Blizzard Zone is available in both normal and custom matches and it has been designed based on the maps used in the Red/Black Zones: character, stage, location, duration, size, damage, gameplay, effect range, and more. Players can expect a new level of challenge and adrenaline with the Blizzard Zone, as it will affect their health, movement speed, sound play, and vision, including scopes.

In summary, the Blizzard Zone is an intense and challenging new addition to PUBG’s gameplay, offering players a new level of excitement and survival challenge. It is available exclusively on the Vikendi map, in both Normal and Customs matches, so gear up and be prepared for an exhilarating experience.

Secret Room

PUBG’s latest update brings an exciting new feature to the Vikendi map – secret rooms filled with valuable, high-tier items. These rooms are scattered all over the map and can be accessed by obtaining the special item called the Security Key.

The secret rooms are located in both Normal and Customs matches and are exclusive to the Vikendi map. Players will have to be strategic and take risks to find these rooms and secure the valuable items inside.

But be warned, the risks are relatively high when returning from the Secret Room, so the game developers have placed some handy items in these rooms to aid in a safe getaway. So, those who are up for the challenge can embark on a treasure hunt to uncover these rooms and land their hands on rare and unique items.

Repair Kits

PUBG’s latest update brings new tools to help players keep their vehicles and gear in working condition. The update includes the addition of three new repair kits: the Employing Key, the BlueT, and the Employal Kit – Man.

The Employing Key is used to repair a helmet to full health, the Armor Repair Kit is used to repair armor and keep it in good condition, and the Mechanics Toolbox is used to repair cars and restore 500 medical points. Unfortunately, these kits cannot be used to repair car tires and fully drowned cars.

It is important to note that players can only use these repair kits on damaged vehicles and helmets and cannot be used when sitting in the air or driving equipment. Also, repairs will be canceled once the vehicle has been fully repaired, and the kits cannot be used to repair gear while in use.

These repair kits have a relatively low spawn rate and are usually available in standard or custom matches, only on the Vikendi map. These new repair kits are designed for special situations, allowing players to make quick repairs to their gear and vehicles during a match.


In PUBG’s latest update, players can expect to see an increase in the number of high-quality items dropping during matches on the Vikendi map. These items include weapons, armor, consumables, and other care items that were previously only available in Taego.

These items will be randomly dropped during normal and custom matches, providing players with more opportunities to acquire high-quality gear and improve their chances of survival. This feature is exclusive to the Vikendi map and not available on other maps.

Other Updates

The new PUBG update brings improvements to the Vikendi map, including the addition of Vikendi-exclusive road signs to help players navigate the snow-covered terrain. The abandoned cable car station has been removed from the southwest portion of Coal Mine. Also, the name, number, and number of new products have been updated, and the spawn spot has been improved in buildings with garages (such as crowbars) to make them more accessible.

In addition, the game developers have identified some issues with vehicles spawning on top of foliage or fences, which has been fixed by moving their spawn spots to a larger area. This should make it easier for players to find vehicles and traverse the map.

Overall, these changes have been made to enhance the player’s experience and improve the gameplay on the Vikendi map. It will make navigating the map more seamless and finding vehicles more accessible. The update also focuses on increasing accessibility of certain resources and items that may be needed for a smoother game-play

In summary, the new update will bring the opportunity for players in the Vikendi map to find more high-quality items, weapons, armor, and consumables while playing in Normal and Custom Matches. Giving them a chance to level up their gameplay and chances of survival.


In PUBG’s latest update, there have been improvements made to the Sanhok map based on player feedback and internal testing. These improvements include the addition of new pathways and bridges, making it easier for players to navigate the map. The hills and mountains have also been outfitted with attachable items for ascending, and the islands in the northwest and southwest have been connected with additional bridges.

Additionally, the game developers have added extra pond water in certain areas, making it possible for players to swim around, and have added sandy terrain in some areas to make the journey more convenient. The map has also been updated with more cover, such as boulders and trees, as well as the improved texture of the soil and foliage.

The Sanhok map also includes new billboards with the Sanhok theme and the Paradise Resort LINE FRIENDS event that happens annually has been removed.

Overall, these changes aim to enhance the player’s experience and make the gameplay on Sanhok more enjoyable by adding more options for navigation and cover and providing a more convenient journey for the players. The map has been visually updated, and new covers and billboards have been added to make the map look more interesting and immersive.


In PUBG’s latest update, the Ranked Mode has added additional boat spawn spots to make it easier for players to access the sea during matches. The spawn locations for boats have been moved slightly closer to the land to increase the ease of accessing them.

This change applies to both Normal and Ranked matches, meaning that players in both game modes will have an increased chance of spawning near boats and can get to the sea faster and more easily. This should make navigating the map and crossing the water more convenient for players, providing more options for gameplay strategy and movement.

This change is specifically made to the ranked Mode to improve the accessibility of boats to all players, which in return will increase the chances of survival and make the gameplay more enjoyable.

Training Mode

PUBG’s latest update brings an exciting new feature for players who enjoy 1v1 Arena matches – the ability to track your winning streak. Starting with this update, wins in 1v1 Arena matches will be recorded until the live server is updated, and the winning streak will be displayed on various screens throughout the game.

The winning streak UI will be displayed on the 1v1-Case game, under your nickname on the Round Finished screen, and under your nickname on the Match Finished screen, so that you and other players can see your progress and compete for the longest winning streak.

It’s important to note that players will be reset to 0 after losing a 1v1 Arena match and ties won’t play a big part in your winning streak. Additionally, if a 1v1 Arena match ends due to a training mode session time-out, it will be considered a tie and won’t affect your winning streak.

Winning streaks will be collected from regular training sessions versus custom matches. This new feature is for players who enjoy the 1v1 mode and want to show off their skills and track their winning streaks.

User Experience and Interface

In PUBG’s latest update, new user interface (UI) elements related to maps have been added to Normal Matches and Ranked Mode.

Once you enter the starting island, the map you are playing will now appear on the screen. Additionally, the name of the map, the game mode, and the point of view has been added to the top left corner of the map. This information will be deleted once you board the plane and the match begins.

This change applies to both Normal Matches and Ranked Mode, providing players with a better understanding of the map they are playing on and the game mode. And it will be visible for players till they reach the top 50, after that this information won’t be displayed.

This new feature aims to enhance the player’s experience by providing them with more information about the match and the map, which will make it easier for players to orient themselves and plan their gameplay strategy accordingly.


PUBG’s latest update includes improvements to the ping marker system and the reporting feature for players. The update now allows players to delete their own ping markers after 60 seconds. Additionally, if a player leaves the match or loses their connection, their ping markers will be immediately deleted.

Another new feature is the ability to report players who assisted in killing you. Previously, you could only report the player who killed you or a player you were spectating. Now, you can report other players who helped in the killing. To do this, players can click on the “Add a message” button at the bottom of their death screen and select the “Add an answer” option.

These updates aim to enhance the player’s experience and improve the reporting system, by allowing players to mark a location of their choice and quickly delete it if they change plans or by giving them the ability to report players who assisted in their death. This will promote fair play and make the game more enjoyable for all players.


In PUBG’s latest update, the lobby has been updated with the latest versions of the map images on the map list, giving players an updated and more accurate representation of the maps they can play on.

Additionally, the Career Overview (Ranked) now includes certain information about Ranked Mode, such as your current rank, points, and win-loss record, which can be used to track your progress and performance in Ranked matches.

These updates to the lobby and Career Overview aim to provide players with more accurate and updated information about the maps they can play on and their performance in Ranked Mode, which should help players make more informed decisions when choosing a map and track their progress in Ranked Mode.

Bug Fixing:

In Gameplay

PUBG’s latest update includes several bug fixes to improve gameplay for players. Some of the fixes include resolving an issue where players couldn’t use free look while using emotes during the plane ride or descent, fixing an issue where players were knocked out of their chute when a crash occurred while following another player, and addressing an issue where players couldn’t use emotes while carrying another player.

Additionally, the update has addressed a problem that prevented players from using primary weapons other than SMGs when driving a two-wheeled vehicle. On the PC version, they’ve fixed an issue where players were unable to revive a teammate they were carrying after getting knocked out and saved. Also, there was a problem on the PC version where players and teammates could jump abnormally high after repeatedly pressing the Jump button against a wall, which is also fixed now.

These bug fixes should improve the gameplay experience for players and help them avoid unexpected issues during matches. This will make the gameplay more seamless, without interruption, and improve the overall user experience.

In World

PUBG’s latest update addresses several issues related to the game’s world, particularly in the maps of Vikendi and Sanhok. The update addresses issues related to collision, texture, performance, and other issues related to the game world.

One issue that was addressed is a problem with a missing item spawn location in a certain building in Vikendi, the winery. Additionally, the issue of players teleporting to a specific location after vaulting and withdrawing the Folded Shield from a hygienized car in Vikendi has been fixed.

There were also some issues with sound and textures fixed in Vikendi, including the problem where the footsteps in a broken bathroom in Vikendi sounded like dirt, and the texture of Vikendi not showing correctly. Some other issues that were fixed include the problem when you’re landed on a signboard at Vikendi station and the problem where throwables can’t pass through a window in Vikendi.

In Sanhok, an issue where players were getting killed after jumping on the building roof has been fixed.

These bug fixes should improve the overall gameplay experience and world immersion for players. They will allow the players to interact with the world in a more seamless way, making the gameplay experience more realistic and enjoyable.


PUBG’s latest update also includes several improvements to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Some of these improvements include fixing an issue where the Daily Mission count increases when you complete the daily mission count, fixing an issue where a certain design wasn’t shown on the map selection page, and fixing the spacing problem on the Daily Supply Mission page.

Additionally, a Japanese mistake in the training mode was corrected, where the “ESC Exit Training” text was fixed. On the PC version, a problem with the store item sound effect when you hover your mouse over the location of a specific window on the screen, while another window is working on the game in Windowed mode, was fixed.

Also, an issue that caused an alarm to be heard with a hovering motion or clicking the bottom UI of Survival Level/Last Weapon Kill/Last Medal Earned in the Career Overview was addressed. On the PC version, an issue where your character still has the Backpack equipped, even when you remove the equipment previews for Preset slot 13 in Customize was fixed. On the console version, an issue with swapped Pickup Item/Replace Attachment key binders was addressed.

These improvements to the UI and UX should make the game more user-friendly, help users navigate the game more easily, and make the game more intuitive. Users will be able to better understand the game UI and it will decrease the chances of confusion.

In Items and Skins

PUBG’s latest update addresses several issues related to items and skins in the game. These issues mostly relate to clipping, which occurs when a part of a graphical element (such as an object or image) becomes visible through another object.

One of the issues addressed is the clipping of the Tormented Knight Gloves while wearing the Miramar Bikes/Erangel Bikes. A problem with the warning jacket being fixed to the chest of a child’s body with the weight fixing the collar problem has been addressed.

Another issue addressed is the re-installation of the problem where male characters’ ankles turn transparent after assembling the Lipovka Slacks with the wack-hardened Legacy Boots. An issue where a female character’s arms turn transparent in FPP when it is equipped with a PLAYERUNKNOWN Ruhra has been fixed. An issue where the two-way wrists turn transparent when equipping the Twitch Rivals Bomber Jacqueline has also been fixed. Finally, an issue where the fur of the Snowbelle Boots becomes transparent in FPP has been addressed.

These bug fixes should improve the overall appearance of the game and make the game’s items and skins look more realistic. Players will have a better experience while using the items and the visual appearance of the game will be more pleasing.



In conclusion, PUBG’s latest update includes a wide range of new features, bug fixes, and improvements. The update includes a new Blizzard Zone that is exclusive to the Vikendi map, new repair kits, and an enhanced Sanhok map with additional bridges and covers to improve the overall gameplay experience.

The update also addresses several issues related to the game’s world, particularly in the maps of Vikendi and Sanhok, which will improve the overall gameplay experience and world immersion for players. The update also includes improvements to the user interface and user experience that will make the game more user-friendly, help users navigate the game more easily, and make the game more intuitive.

Additionally, several issues related to items and skins in the game have been addressed, which will improve the overall appearance of the game and make the game’s items and skins look more realistic. Overall, this update should offer an enhanced experience for players, and make the game more enjoyable.

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