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Are you looking for The Company cheats, The Company cheat, The Company game cheats, The Company cheat codes, cheats for The Company, or The Company cheat code? Without The Company cheats, you need to spend a lot of time to reach the target while the same thing can be achieved right at the start.

The Company

The company is a role-playing game for adults, and it was developed by Westane Digital. You start the journey by creating your character and selecting your relatives from the available options. You have to socialize with your neighbors and club members of different societies. You can play this game online on the developer’s platform too.

These choices you make at the time of creating character will impact your overall progress. You can select your age, body type, pronouns, gender, and size of different body parts. Afterward, do whatever you like to do, but these choices increase or decrease your affection towards the same person. You have some secret serums that you have created in the lab. Use these serums and make characters in the game do anything you want them to.

The Company: Gaming Experience

Westane Digital has developed a unique role-playing game that allows players to create their own characters and select their relatives from a range of options. The game also allows players to socialize with their neighbors and club members of different societies.


One of the key features of this game is the ability to play it online on the developer’s platform. This allows players to easily connect with others and experience the game in a multiplayer setting.


The controls of the game are intuitive and easy to use, allowing players to easily navigate through the various gameplay options. The graphics are also impressive, with detailed character models and vibrant environments that immerse players in the game world.


As players progress through the game, they will encounter various challenges and objectives that require strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Players can choose to approach these challenges in a variety of ways, making for a highly replayable experience.

Overall Experience

Overall, Westane Digital’s role-playing game is a highly enjoyable and immersive experience that will appeal to fans of the genre. With its engaging gameplay, intuitive controls, and impressive graphics, it is a must-play for any fan of role-playing games.

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The Company Cheats

The cheat code list is not much long but enough for players to get many in-game resources. Cheat codes are the easiest and most efficient way to get free rewards. So, the list of the company cheats codes aren’t very long, and these codes let you reach some of the most sorted-after goals in the game right at the start. Whether you are a Patreon supporter of the company or a free player, you can use these cheats. Like to see things naked? Use “EMPERORSNEWCLOTHES” and all the characters will appear naked from the first message.

The Company Cheat | The Company Cheat Codes

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
ZZTOPBegin your journey with all clothing and toys unlocked
WHORUNBARTERTOWNBegin your journey with 5,000x all lab materials
IDCLIPBegin your journey with 9,999 days of control pills
FASTPASSTurns serum cooldowns to 1 day (6.1+)
EMPERORSNEWCLOTHESBegin your journey wearing your Birthday Suit
BESTBOIBegin your journey as a Si*sy (6.2+)
XYZZYSPOONBegin your journey at 20 maximum stamina
JUSTINBAILEYEnable debug menu at bottom of the sidebar (6.2+)
GLITTERINGPRIZESBegin your journey with $500,000
CHANELNUMBER5Begin your journey with John already turned into Chanel
BLACKSHEEPWALLBegin your journey with 30x MCS-1, MCS-2, and MCS-3
10CCSOFTITSBegin your journey as a Bi*bo (6.2+)
Cheats Table

How To Use The Company Cheats?

If you are wondering about activating the company cheats for your benefit, here is the complete guide to help you do so. With this company cheats, you will be able to start the game with the desired character. This actually the test way to enable the cheat effects.

MCS-1, MCS-3, and MCS-2 are some serums that cheats are available to provide you with them. You can also have More than half-million dollars and all the available lab materials to try new experiments with better serums.

  • Open the company game, whatever platform you have;
  • Start a new game;
  • Go for the “I have already played the game before.”;
  • Access “Additional notes” and enter desired the company cheats; and
  • The cheat effect will be shown immediately.

The Company Game Cheats

To use cheat codes in the company game go to ‘I have already played the game before from there access addition notes and enter your code there. To give ava the cat collar you must have a car collar and after that put it on Ava in the kitchen while having willpower at lower. Penny is your subordinate in this game and there is no other subordinate in this game except penny. Yes, you can easily use cheat codes in the company game. And here I share all lists of working cheats.

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The Company Games Gameplay

(Video Credit: Let’s Game It Out)


To play this game interestingly you can use The Company Cheats and we have shared all the working codes for you. Make sure you follow the mentioned process to activate cheat codes in this game. In case you face any issues, you may contact us through the comments section.

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 To get the above list in a PDF file you just click on the download button in green and orange color below, this will redirect you to the Download page and the file you will download contains this list as well as an extra list of fresh data. 

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