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Hello guys, welcome to our gaming blog. Today in this article we will share free PUBG Mobile Premium Accounts with free rewards like Outfits, skins, Guns, UCs, etc. PUBG is available in different versions due to some regional policies like PUBG Mobile relaunched as BGMI and KR versions.

PUBG Mobile remains the top revenue-generating game throughout the year 2021. No other game can beat its popularity due to continuous improvements, new seasons, new updates, etc.

As you know the popularity of PUBG Mobile games since 2018. Although there are a lot of games, PUBG is top-rated among those games due to its vast playing area, graphics quality, battle experience, etc.

Pubg Mobile is a top-ranked battleground game mostly popular among youngsters. People here on the internet search for free Pubg Mobile account with Higher Ranks, free UCs, Skins, BP, etc.

There are a lot of ways to get a PUBG Mobile account like a free account generates but these accounts are not verified and secured accounts due to this reason you may lose your inventory, date, etc when you get banned or blocked by the server.

There are many groups on social media that sell these types of accounts which is illegal. But we have a list of free accounts that anyone can use.

PUBG Mobile mainly competes with Free fire and BGMI. You can also visit our other articles on different games like Free Fire, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, COC, MLBB.

Why free accounts

If you want to play Pubg Mobile you should have an account to play. Pubg Mobile requires a g-mail account, Facebook account, or any other email account for verification. People don't have multiple accounts or their account has already been blocked or restricted.

Therefore people need free accounts to enjoy this amazing game. Therefore we compiled a list of free accounts with free rewards, UC, and free Skins.

Get free UC, Skins, Royal Pass, Guns, and many more

Today in this article you will learn how to get free Pubg Mobile amazing rewards, whether you have a fresh account or an old one. We will share here the complete method of how to get all of this with free Pubg accounts. Normally people use redeem codes to get free rewards like free UCs, Outfits, Guns, Royal Pass, Pets, etc.

List of latest working Redeem CodesπŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Page Link


Red Packet Redeem Codes

#CNY2022 = Parachute Skin

Other Predicted PUBG Mobile Red Packet Redeem Codes That You Should Try








Latest working Redeem Codes For GunsπŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Page Link


List of free PUBG accounts | Updated January 2022

Password: legend2020HY

Password: khds8778pro

Password: 9767856@pubg7

Password: kINGpasss

Premium Accounts List

Pick one account from below mentioned accounts list to enjoy a lot of free rewards, best guns, outfits, UCs, etc.


Character ID: 583366827
Name: Aveort
Password: jJHh_76575

Character ID: 573962088
Name: Ninja
Password: ironwarrior67

Character ID: 712346694
Name: Bond007
Password: Semihtassenten

Character ID: 5947769126
Name: PinarelloJr
Password: MY_timesII

Character ID: 344763981
Name: EloyCA
Password: iLoooy727

How to get a premium Pubg account- a complete method

Here we will share a complete method for a premium account with all of the mentioned features. These features include but are not limited to:
  • Free PUBG Mobile Account with free 2,800 UC for the first time after login.
  • Free Gun Skins for different guns i.e. M416, AKM, DP 28, Scar-L, M16A4, M762 UMP, and Snipers i.e. KR 98, M24. AWM, Short Guns i.e. S12k, and much more.
  • Free Season 14 outfits
  • Get free one hundred thousand (100,000) BPs 
  • Get free twenty thousand (20,000) Silver Fragments

Free Pubg Mobile accounts with Gmail log-in

There is a fresh list of free Pubg Mobile accounts for those looking for free accounts. You can use these accounts for unlimited time, so if you need a free Pubg Mobile account, congrats! you are at the right place. These are manually created safe accounts and you can use these without any fear.

List of free Pubg Mobile accounts log-in with Gmail ID and Password


Get Free BGMI Accounts ID & Password πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰Link

Free Pubg Mobile accounts with Facebook log-in

Here are some accounts that are sign-up with social media platforms that have free BPs, Skins, Guns with good ranks, and much more. Almost everyone has a Facebook account and Pubg Mobile allows you to log in with your Facebook accounts. I think this is the easiest method for game lovers ever.

Social media linked accounts are more valuable than normal accounts, therefore you should change passwords from time to time in order to keep secure your account from hackers.


Below is the list of free Pubg Mobile accounts:


Free Pubg Mobile accounts for KR Version of Pubg Mobile

Below is the list of free accounts for the KR version known as the Korean version of the Pubg Mobile game. These accounts are also high-rank accounts with free skins, guns, BPs, and much more. KR version is mostly used by those Pubg lovers whereas Pubg Mobile is banned by governments like India. These accounts are generated with email accounts.

You can choose any one of them if not already chosen by anyone. Some of the accounts may not work because people pick them up and change the password.



Free BGMI accounts for Indian Pubg Lovers

These free accounts are for Indian gamers, for a special version of Pubg Mobile. Battleground India is another name of Pubg Mobile game in India after the Indian government band's earlier version of the game due to some issues with China. Below is the list of free accounts for Indians with Gmail ID and Password.


free -pubg-india-accounts

Final Words

What I liked about this game is that it can be played on a personal computer, android, and iOS. I love playing this game with my friends, and the servers are very good. The graphics are amazing, and the guns are just awesome. With the new update, it has become more interesting, and the graphics are now better. The controls are just amazing, and I can play it on my phone. I can play it anywhere, anytime.

If you face any problem relevant to Pubg Mobile please share in the comments section, we will try to help you out.

You can also request free accounts giveaways, please mention your email id in the comments section, so that, we send you an active user id and password as soon as possible.

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