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Dragon Ball Legends

DBL is a mobile device base game where you experience 3D visuals and animations. The game was initially released in 2017 by the developer and publisher Bandai Namco. Dragon Ball Legends is an RPG game where you experience the action of Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo, Tlen, and many other heroes.

Today in this article we will share a list of free DBL accounts with unlimited Chrono Crystals and other free resources. It is a truly enjoyable mobile game, but Chrono Crystals cost so much. Yes, they’re expensive if you buy them, but you literally get over 3 consecutive draws worth of crystals.

There are events on a monthly basis where they give free items to players for just playing. The Happy Weekend event gives you a 50% chance for a Sparking character.

Dragon Ball Legends Redeem Codes:

qhebjHH---------get 500 Gems

X6AyEGBv---------get 300 Gems

wayline7yz---------get 300 gems

waylinexxk---------get 300 gems

wayline628---------get 300 gems

b6AyELB---------get 500 Gems

Freepull30---------get 200 Gems, 2 advanced summon orbs

OneIsAll---------get an exclusive reward

w3cBk2QJ---------get and get S rank Piccolo

i4PNW4nV---------get 100 Gems and 500K Coins

B5kMAvGk---------get 400 gems

L5kJ69m---------get 20 SS Hero Shards

Resource999---------get 199 Gems and 9999 Coins

R5kKCeDw---------get 200 gems and 2 Senzu Beans

b4PMjyud---------get 200 gems

DBL Free Accounts

We know how much people like this amazing game and its concept. There are a lot of online platforms where you can buy DB Legends accounts but everyone can not afford such expensive accounts, therefore we are arranging a list of free accounts with lots of free Coins, Heroes, Chrono Crystals, etc.

Dragon Ball Legends Player ID Password:

Player ID: 5519492253
Password: lk97bnggeder

Player ID: 3250765401
Password: 68myiiym

Player ID: 6546546697
Password: tvlon_gv67

Player ID: 788775199
Password: byberis917

Player ID: 6794266828
Password: 12345Omoshonen

Player ID: 8887979912
Password: VirkKaranraj

Player ID: 8365424794
Password: gentankyou

Player ID: 8899554433
Password: TalonWalkerrt

Player ID: 8122994578
Password: 68myiiym

DBL free accounts list includes premium accounts as well. you can change the password to make secure your account from any unauthorized access.


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