Mobile Legends Free Skins | How to Get?

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang | MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular action games in the world, and it’s easy to see why. MLBB is available for free download on Google PlayStore and AppStore. With so many different characters and skins to choose from, it gets hard for players to pick a favorite.

Out of all the different types of skins, there are definitely some that stand out – but you’re going to start spending a lot of money if you want to unlock these without playing for hours on end!

MLBB Modes

In a world where virtual reality and hardcore gaming are taking off, remember that League of Legends (LoL) was one of the first pioneer games to help shape not only the MOBA genre but PC gaming as a whole.

By popularizing the free-to-play business model many other multiplayer online battle arena competitors prey on gamers with in-game purchases in order to make money; over 100 million people play LoL every month and even more so since it became a free download.

However, it’s clear to see that the game isn’t just about external revenue – its developer Riot Games has also worked hard to create groundbreaking champion skins for players – way before DOTA2 started charging for such artistic upgrades. But, sadly there are only 18 free champion skins available in the game.


Mobile Legends Free Skins | Different Ways to Get Free Skins

There are several ways to get premium skin at no cost in ML. Here we will enlist different methods that you can use to get your desired skins. Check the below list to choose the method you want to try.

I have listed several methods but I can only explain one method here. If you want an explanation about any other method right us in the comment section so we will come up with another exciting article with you.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Redeem Codes:

Redeem codes are the easiest way to get free items like skins, diamonds, etc. You can check the list of the latest redeem codes at MLBB Redeem Codes

5WYYQZ — Players can redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get free third Bubble Spell.

SUMMER777 — Players can redeem the code and get free Summon Tickets.

XSGXZJ — You can redeem mirage code mla 4 and get a free second Bubble Spell.

HOTMLA — You can redeem the code and get free First Bubble Spell.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Skins:

EAKSUY2228C — Redeem and get free 300 Diamonds (Latest Code)

GU4PRS — Redeem and get free 1000 Diamonds

Z9D9A622288 — Players can redeem and get free Summon Scrolls with 500 Advance Essence.

K54G8B — Redeem and receive 500 Diamonds for free in Mobile Legends Adventure.

PTFCPC22289 — Redeem and receive 500 Diamonds for free in Mobile Legends Adventure.

XMASFUN689 — Players can redeem a code in certain games to receive 20 Premium Summon Scrolls as a reward.

MBZHQ5 — Players can redeem Mobile Legends Adventure codes to receive 1000 Diamonds for free in the game.

HJPHU222277 — Players can redeem a CD key in Mobile Legends to receive free 500 Diamonds in the game.

CUNZJZ22274 — By redeeming Mobile Legends Adventure codes, players can receive 500 Advance Essence in the game.

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Mobile Legends Free Skins

TNEEY822275 — You can redeem Mobile Legends Adventure codes to get 500 Diamonds for free.

6OQGJ7 — Players can redeem Mobile Legends Adventure codes to receive 500 Diamonds for free in the game.

8TKYE8 — Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get free 500 Diamonds

SZYP34 — Redeeming Mobile Legends Adventure codes can result in players receiving 1000 Diamonds for free in the game.

DPW4TB — Redeeming CD key codes for Mobile Legends Adventure can result in players receiving 500 Diamonds in the game.

CGUNBA22264 — By redeeming ML Adventure Mirage codes, players can receive 1000 Diamonds in Mobile Legends Adventure.

BFU77C22263 — Players can redeem an MLA Adventure CD key to receive 500 Diamonds in the game.

5TS2JD22262 — Redeem the MLA code “du mirage” and receive 500 diamonds.

KB7LF7 — By redeeming the gift code for Mobile Legends Adventure, players can receive 500 Diamonds for the game.

TB8VUA — By redeeming the code in Mobile Legends Adventure, players can receive 100 free summons for the game.

DKMEQF2225W — Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get free 500+ Diamonds

AKAKURO77 — Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure gift codes and receive 7777 Coins for free.

Free Skins Event | Mobile Legends Free Skins:

Mobile Legends developer offers chances to win free skins by just spinning a ball or a lucky spin in the game. You can win skins by trying your luck there.

MLBB Promo Codes | Promotion Events:

The MLBB game updated the game and they come up with new skins every week. When they release new skins in stores the MLBB team givesaways some skins for free. Occasionally, players may have the opportunity to acquire free skins if luck is on their side.

Ask a Friend:

In the MLBB video game, you have the option to request your friend for skin that he/she already has to share with you.

Look for MPL Codes:

ML streamers enjoy giveaways at the end of every stream, especially on Twitch or YouTube. You can get direct skins or diamonds to buy skin.

Buy Skin With Free Diamonds:

MLBB provides you the opportunity to earn Diamonds. You can use these Diamonds to get skins.

Ask Strangers in ML Groups:

This is a new way to get skin, you can ask any stranger in a Mobile Legend Bang Bang Whatsapp Group.

Lucky Spin:
Every player of Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a chance to win free rewards after every 48 hours.

Mobile Legends Gameplay

(Video Credit: MobileLegends: Bang Bang Official)


In no doubt, Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the best video games in the world. The reason behind this popularity is not so simple; it might be the attractive cool-looking skins for players to wear in the game.

But, the game provides a small number of free cool-looking skins and that might be a pain for those players since they need to pay extra money and resources to buy these premium cool Mobile Legends Skins.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most popular games in the world and its success is due to many factors; with free skins being a cool incentive. But, there aren’t enough free appearances so players have to buy those that appeal to them – and understandably so given how awesome they are!

To get skins an easy way you have to redeem them or collect them at the official redemption center.

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