COD Warzone 2 Resurgence Map Could Come in Season 2

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Details are out now that COD Warzone 2 Resurgence map could come in season 2. The release of Warzone 2.0 has brought many changes and new features to the popular battle royale game. However, one aspect that players have been missing is the return of the Resurgence Map. This map first debuted with the original Warzone game and offered a unique and exciting experience for players.

COD Warzone 2 Resurgence Map

The Resurgence Map, which was previously available in Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, is a smaller and more chaotic battle royale experience. The map features the unique feature of players being able to automatically respawn upon elimination so long as one member of their squad remains alive. This added an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the game.

Since the release of Warzone 2.0, there have been constant rumors and speculation about the return of the Resurgence Map in the game. However, there is currently no official confirmation from the game developers about its return.

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Warzone 2 Map Leaks

Recently, there have been leaks and rumors about the release of a new map in Warzone 2.0. Leaked cover art for Season 2 shows that the map Castle from World at War is being remade. Additionally, an overview of the next Warzone 2 map was also leaked and it looks like a smaller Resurgence-style map featuring something labeled as “Castle” in its center. This has led many to believe that the Resurgence Map could be released with Season 2.

It is worth noting that these leaks and rumors are not confirmed by the game developers, and players should take this information with a grain of salt. However, the prospect of the return of the Resurgence Map in Warzone 2.0 has many players excited and eagerly awaiting any official announcements.

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As of now, there is no official release date for the first season of Warzone 2.0. However, the expiry date on the current Battle Pass is February 1, 2023, which suggests that Season 2 could potentially start on that date. Despite the speculation and rumors, it’s worth noting that nothing has been confirmed by the game developers yet.

The return of the Resurgence Map is also uncertain at this point. While there have been leaks and rumors about its return, it is ultimately up to the game developers to make an official announcement. Fans of the game will have to wait for confirmation from the official sources before making any assumptions.

In any case, it’s always important to stay updated and informed about the latest developments in Warzone 2.0. We will be sure to bring you the latest news and updates as soon as they become available.

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